ACE elevates industry certification with enhancements not found in other certification options.


Job-based Certifications


Training Topics


All training and testing is available online at your convenience

ACE Information


ACE elevates industry certification with enhancements not found in other certification options.


Learning Media

ACE’s course work is offered in short video or audio based modules that are delivered and viewed online. Most of the modules are 15 minutes or less. Essentially, the candidate can review a module during lulls in the usual dealership traffic flow. Put another way, you can certify every new Sales Person or BDC Representative within one day before the Sales Person or BDC Representative ever hits the floor or phone and makes contact with a customer.

Certification Testing

The candidate is able to complete the certification test online at the candidate’s convenience and at the candidate’s work station. No more waiting for a proctor to schedule a time or commute to a testing center.

ACE Certifies Everyone Involved in Compliance

Compliance is not strictly an F&I phenomenon or responsibility. In fact, many compliance issues germinate in Sales or are caught and corrected by Accounting personnel. Every employee who interacts with the customer or handles the deal file is involved in and responsible for some piece of transactional compliance. ACE has developed separate, focused curricula for everybody who contributes to a dealer’s compliance initiative, from the Sales Person/BDC Representative and Billing Clerk to the Sales and F&I Managers. Additional curricula are available for Office Managers and Compliance Officers.

Required Annual Renewal

Just as Certified Public Accountants, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors and Attorneys are required to complete continuing education courses to keep their licenses active, ACE Certified Professionals are required to complete an annual recertification.

Robust Reporting

The ACE Certification Program includes robust reporting of the candidates’ progress, certification and upcoming annual recertification deadlines.