Automotive Compliance in a Digital World

Automotive Compliance in a Digital World

ACE's Executive Director, Gil Van Over, makes his authoring debut with the 2018 retail automotive compliance must-read

In just the lifetime of current dealer principals, the retail automotive business has gone from Sharpies and 4-squares to electronic funding submissions and online shopping.

As times change, dealerships must change. In this, his first book, Gil Van Over III explains the features that mark a modern dealership in the digital age. Drawing on his decades of experience in the retail automotive space, Gil avoids the theoretical and focuses on the practical - all while weaving in quotes from George Carlin, rock stars, and Yoda.

The best way to predict the future effectively is to wait until it happens and be the first person to notice. With Automotive Compliance in a Digital World, Gil proves he's been paying attention, and shares his vision of a future that's already here.

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