Learning and Doing

It’s one thing to learn why the compliance components are important, it is another thing to figure out how to execute the paperwork in a compliant fashion. The successful certified candidate will have access to optional how to modules to transfer learning into doing.


A robust reporting system supports the dealership Compliance Officer’s or Risk Manager’s ability to track employees’ progress toward the completion of required certification and notification of upcoming renewals.

Online Compliance Training

You can leave the textbooks on the bookshelf. ACE training is delivered to the comfort and privacy of your computer in video based modules. Each module is less than 20 minutes long and is followed by a short quiz to affirm learning. Certification testing is also completed online at the candidate’s convenience.

Compliance Management System

A Compliance Management System is a process which outlines the steps a business must take to accomplish its Compliance objective. These components include conducting a risk assessment, developing policies and procedures, provide training and conduct periodic audits. ACE certification fulfills the training requirement under a Compliance Management System.

Annual Renewal

Continuous education is a crucial component to ongoing compliance. ACE requires an annual re-certification which includes recommended or required annual training and modules covering recent events.

More than Just F&I Certification

Separate, focused curricula for everyone who contributes to a dealership’s compliance initiative, from the Sales Person and Billing Clerk to the F&I and Sales Manager.